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Resin Coating Sand

Manufacturer of Resin Coated Sand. We are one of the leading manufacturers of Resin Coated Sand.

AFS: 60-65, AFS 65 –70, AFS 50–55, AFS 55-60,AFS 45-50
Available in various grades to suit the different types of operation.
Ready for use.

Recommended Applications
We have a wide range of high graded Silica sand coated with resins
Gas evolution is very low during pouring
It develops uniform build-up with faster rate of cure
It gives strong core & mould
It is highly resistant to peel back
It is very dry, smooth, and free flowing with good resistance to moisture

Solid Resin Coated Sand

Co-designed by the world-renowned architect James Smith, our Bridgewater Joy residences offer top views of the nearby lake Michigan. Perfect for a small family, a professional couple, or anyone looking to set up a home office.

Custom Resin Coated Sand

Not just pleasant on the outside, our Pleasantview Gem Inn properties are especially popular among families. With underground parking and floor-to-ceiling windows, there's no shortage of natural light or space.

Benifits Of Resin Coated Sand

➡Castings can be produced with close tolerance and with very minimum machining allowances along with excellent surface finish.

➡Self life of the resin coated sand unlimited.

➡Hollow cores can be produced.

➡Lump free sand.

➡No crack of core or shell.

➡High transverse strength.

➡Less core weight.

➡Release agent gives maximum output without breakages.

➡Fast curing of Resin Coated Sand gives high production with uniform baking of sand.

➡Special fine Resin Coated Sand doesn't require refractory coatings or core paint, achieves better surface finish.

➡Low rate of gas ganeration.


Resito sand have developed a tailor made product to suit to exact customer needs Resito sand grades include Low Gas Sand High Permeability collapsibility Sands.
Special offerings of Resito Coated Sand

Easy decoring without thermal process for critical aluminum components.

Improved release.

Greater depth of cure.

Uniform wall thickness.

High curing speed.

Faster build up rates.

Special sand for aluminum and light alloy application.

Sand developed to minimize shake out time.

Collapsibility rates are nearly twice as fast as normal coated sand.

Quality Assurance

We at Resito sand have developed full fledged Quality Control Department to test all the critial and important parameters of resin coated sand as well as of the raw materials used.

HTS Machine.

HTS of Resin Coated Sand.

CTS Attachment.

CTS of Resin Coated Sand.

AFS Machine.

Mesh Size of Sand.

Transverse Strength.

Anti-Bunding Strength

GAS Apparatus.

Gas Content.


Peel Back Machine.

Stick Point Tester.

Sand Washer.

Loss On Ignition

Drop Off And Built Up

Stick Point of Sand.

Clay Content Of Raw Sand.